Today has been declared "Firefox Download Day" in honor of the release of Mozilla Firefox 3 and to set a world record for the most downloads in 24 hours. You may be as ecstatic as I am, and you may not care at all, but you definitely should. Why? Well I guess I'll show you why Firefox 3 is the BEST internet browser available to date. Hold on tight, and welcome to the future.

Mozilla Firefox 3 sets a new standard in the world of internet browsers. This standard is commonly known as "customization". Firefox has always been renowned for it's incredible customization abilities, but if you haven't used Firefox 3, you haven't seen anything yet. Now with a database of over 5,000 add-ons, you can't help but surf the web exactly how you want to. Some of the best new features pre-installed with Firefox 3 are:

Free Zoom. This handy new tool (actually previously found in Internet Explorer 7) allows users to zoom into certain areas of a web page. This is similar to changing the text size in previous versions of Firefox, only instead of just changing the text, images, videos, and everything else on the page are enlarged as well. This is useful for examining photographs, watching videos with no full screen option, and for those who are visually impaired.

One-click Bookmarking. Next to your address bar every time you visit a page is a small star icon. Upon clicking this icon, the site you are viewing is instantly bookmark for you to edit and organize later. Once bookmarked, a click on this icon gives you the option to remove the bookmark, organize the bookmark, or add tags to the bookmark (see the next paragraph). This feature is quite handy for those who bookmark frequently, or can't ever seem to remember all those darn websites.

Reopen Closed Tabs. If you accidentally close a tab without meaning to, you can always find your most recently closed tabs by going to History>Recently Closed Tabs. This is super useful for all of us butterfingers and clicker-happy people out there.

Smart Location Bar. This is by far the most innovative address bar we at iPanik have ever seen in any web browser. Not only does it include the Instant Bookmarking feature (see above) but also features favicons for all the pages in your history plus it's page title and full URL. A simple click on the favicon displays encryption and identity information for secure sites like PayPal. This feature is awesome for anyone and everyone.

Plus tons more! There are tons of other cool new features waiting to be found in Firefox 3! For more information on new features, you can check out the full list, but the best way to discover Firefox is to download it yourself! I highly recommend this to any existing user of Firefox (it's a great upgrade, definitely worth it) or to anyone looking for the best web browsing experience available.

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John Patterson said...

I just download FF3! IT ROCKS!!!! Way bettr than FF2 and WAAAY better than IE7. I LOOVE IT!!!

Alex S. said...

Hey Firefox 3 is really awesome Everyone should have it!!!!