Today I finally finished a 3-month, 18-day Blender Game project for a local competition. Grand prize is $50 and a $100 best in show prize. Im in this with two other guys, but, since I've done more than half the work, the guys have agreed to split it 50/25/25. So with all the useless crud being said, I present to you:

is a walkthrough of a very simple library that actually teaches you about the sections of the library. The features of this walkthrough are:

  • A librarian that teaches you the controls
  • Learning portals throughout
  • A fun, interactive way to learn the library.

    I will upload the installer at a later time so you can see it for yourself.

    I go into my library and all history unrolls before me.
    - Alexander Smith

  •

                   Well, what do ya know? This morning I wake up and go to the restroom as always and look up at my penny in the mirror (refer to yesterday’s post). I look up and, low and behold, it wasn’t there! Who dunnit? Why mother, of course! She said she found the penny and dad promptly declares, “I see that penny every morning, I just never messed with it...”. Yeah. riiiiight. Anyway, the penny is gone and all is well. The total time the penny was in the mirror: 13 days. The mirror was cleaned approximately 8 days ago. nobody notices do they???

    Heeeeeeeeeeere's JOHNNY!!!!
                    Jack Nicholson - The Shining


    Do you want to hear a funny little tale about a family that pays no attention to anything whatsoever? Sure you don’t! Anyway, one day, the middle child of the family, a game designer and CG artist, figured he was the most observant of his surroundings. SO he decided to wedge a penny in the corner of the mirror in the family bathroom. In the three weeks that have followed, no one has said anything, or noticed the penny.
    Fast forward. I look at the penny everyday just wondering when someone, anyone will notice the penny in the mirror. Just a funny little story from my life, but think about it, how much do we really notice? Is it not possible that the things we see everyday become so natural to us that we don’t actually see it, or do we just see it from images in our memories? Maybe I’m just crazy, or maybe...just think on it and email me what you think.

    A penny saved is a penny earned.

    Benjamin Franklin


         So, I'm back (again...) with a new plan towards this whole "blogging" thing. I will use my Blogger blog only in the summer, when I won't use MySpace as much. I will now have a few categories into which each post will fall, instead of cramming all of them into one weekly post. I may not post one week, and I may post more than one a week, as news in that category arises. So my categories are as follows:
              • Personal/Family
              • Pictures
              • Models
              • Blender 3D/Games/Tutorials
              • Miscellaneous
              • Movie Reviews
              • Book Reviews
              • Music
         I hope you enjoy the new and improved iPanik v2.0 and all the new blog posts ahead. ALSO! Try out my supa-bad new lightbox script on any of my pictures. Just click one and check it. I think it’s very professional looking... Also, I really encourage comments, so if you love/like/dislike/disagree-with-my-views/hate/wanna-cuss-me-out/etc., just leave me a comment!

    Powa in da money/ Money in da powa/ Day afta day/ Hour afta hour

    “Gansta’s Paradise” – Coolio