So, I'm back (again...) with a new plan towards this whole "blogging" thing. I will use my Blogger blog only in the summer, when I won't use MySpace as much. I will now have a few categories into which each post will fall, instead of cramming all of them into one weekly post. I may not post one week, and I may post more than one a week, as news in that category arises. So my categories are as follows:
          • Personal/Family
          • Pictures
          • Models
          • Blender 3D/Games/Tutorials
          • Miscellaneous
          • Movie Reviews
          • Book Reviews
          • Music
     I hope you enjoy the new and improved iPanik v2.0 and all the new blog posts ahead. ALSO! Try out my supa-bad new lightbox script on any of my pictures. Just click one and check it. I think it’s very professional looking... Also, I really encourage comments, so if you love/like/dislike/disagree-with-my-views/hate/wanna-cuss-me-out/etc., just leave me a comment!

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