Do you want to hear a funny little tale about a family that pays no attention to anything whatsoever? Sure you don’t! Anyway, one day, the middle child of the family, a game designer and CG artist, figured he was the most observant of his surroundings. SO he decided to wedge a penny in the corner of the mirror in the family bathroom. In the three weeks that have followed, no one has said anything, or noticed the penny.
Fast forward. I look at the penny everyday just wondering when someone, anyone will notice the penny in the mirror. Just a funny little story from my life, but think about it, how much do we really notice? Is it not possible that the things we see everyday become so natural to us that we don’t actually see it, or do we just see it from images in our memories? Maybe I’m just crazy, or maybe...just think on it and email me what you think.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Benjamin Franklin