Welll, lets see...A lot of weird conversations have been floating around my house lately. The main two have to do with Wal-Mart, the Apocalypse, Colors, Green, and Arkansas. Interested? Then read on!
The first conversation has to do with Wal-Mart, the Apocalypse, and Arkansas. After a visit to the local Wal-Mart Supercenter, we started talking about how the store seems to have everything. I say again for emphasis EVERYTHING. Think of something. Anything in the world. Now go to Walmart.com and type it in the search box. Is it magnet printer paper? or the little plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces? or how about a car? Wal-Mart has it all. Now, back to the conversation. With all this power, Is Wally world going to try to take over the world? Are they going to start making Wal-Malls? How about a line of Walmart cars? What will they do next? Got any ideas? Then email me and I'll put the best ideas on my nextblog entry.
The second conversation is much, much harder to understand, so read carefully. Look at sky. Yes, leave the computer you are staring at, go outside, and look at the sky. Welcome back. What color was the sky? Light blue, right? You know that the color is light blue because that's what you have learned. But is it not possible that the color you think is blue is really green in the real world? That everyone's idea of Light Blue is different? I know it's hard to fathom but you'll get up in the middle of the night and start wondering. I know I did. I tried to find a good page on the subject to put a link to. If you find anything let me know and I put a link to it also on my next post.
Thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it. I did not put a block quote because nothing fit the subjects. But who gives a crud?!

"But why is the rum gone?..." - Johnny Depp as Capt. Jack Sparrow