It's me again, back from West Virginia. I am the ski masta! I hit greens, blues, blacks, double blacks, EVERYTHING! It was awesome!:

What's New
I changed the homepage song to the REAL version of Hotel Califronia by The Eagles. I got a lot a footage from the trip and have already started on the DVD (being made with NERO). I've also recently wanted to make my own acoustic bass, so I'll work on it.

Pointless Knowledge
Love them or hate them, they are just hard to ignore. The plastic pink flamingo has become a part of the American landscape and has had more staying power than just about any celebrity. The subject of many jokes, this truly American object was actually designed by a real artist as a serious piece of art. Follow the path of the pink flamingo from its birth through to its gain of legendary statusspan>

Movies, Music, and Games, Oh My!
Well, like I said, I went to see the Shaggy Dog, so here I go...It was pretty good, but not as good as the original. Tim Allen was hilarious, but I didn't realize how "sci-fi" it was. Very good for anyone the age 17 otherwise, It will feel like a waste of money

Well, that's about all I guess, so until next time "good night and good luck"

"You can check out at anytime, but you can never leave" - The Eagles : Hotel California